Home Burglary...

    Every 1 minute a home is burgled in Australia.

Home & Bathroom Accidents... 

    2.8 million accidents occur every year.
    A child can suffer 3rd degree burns from hot water bath taps in less 
5 seconds.    


    40% to 50% of women involved in a serious car crash will miscarry. 


Missing Children...

    797,500; many of these abductions ended in assault, rape or death. 

Personal Crimes... 

    15,966,000 persons aged 15+ suffered a personal crime against them.


The Elderly... 

    300,000 are seriously injured by an accident at home.


Driving & Travel...

    100,000 crashes from driver fatigue.
    71,000 people injured.
    1550 deaths


 Data collected from Australian, USA & UK Bureau of Statistics.


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